IDEM 2020 Special 

Just for you!

We are delighted to be able to offer special prices, exclusively to dentists, for purchases that are made from initial enquiries at our IDEM booth.


All purchases made through the IDEM booth attract a 30% discount.


Our first IDEM special is the 30% discount on our detailed gap analysis of your IT system that is followed up by an online meeting with us to discuss issues raised and explore quality solutions with you.


To get best value from this offer, we highly recommend that you access it by following the links in our data security tab so that you also benefit from the free information documents we give you through the tab.


If you are already clear that you would like to explore a system solution for your clinic with us you can skip directly to the gap analysis page.


You will already be entitled to all our free products as part of the offer, which provide good guidance in your decision making.


In addition to the 30% discount on your system purchase we will offset the cost of the gap analysis against the cost of the system installation.


To take immediate advantage of these offers simply click on the link below to be taken to the page where you can invest in the gap analysis and solution plan.

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